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Genocide: 15-Jul-2014 00:29:26
Special thanks to Rustman for hosting TBK meet 2014 and to all those who showed. Had a great time. Mr. Green

Genocide: 24-Nov-2013 18:58:37
anyone like to be added to TBK leaderboard - http://www.tbksqua opic/t=3558.html

marsey99: 23-Oct-2013 02:41:03
Very Happy

Chatts: 01-Oct-2013 11:14:33
by the time i get back from Turkey it will be all over, Have fun Wink

Ankara: 01-Oct-2013 10:31:23
Preloaded and ready to go; even have some new drivers for the beta Smile

Chatts: 02-Sep-2013 02:30:24
just join us on teamspeak Madis and I'm sure someone will be around to team up with you Mr. Green

ECMadis: 01-Sep-2013 21:43:13
greetings from estonian army. I have served 2 months from 11 now. going to get a week off in september and i'd like to play with you

Chatts: 30-Aug-2013 00:43:09
thank you Emma just added you Wink

brat-3425: 29-Aug-2013 23:55:45
just letting everyone know that i have a new steam account so if you get a request from brat34251/brattbk its only me

Ankara: 10-Apr-2013 19:58:50
Logged with EA; appears a lot of people with the same issue! 24-48hrs resolution!

Ankara: 10-Apr-2013 19:50:30

Genocide: 18-Feb-2013 18:43:49
hey doink how r u. gd to hear from u

thedoink: 15-Feb-2013 04:50:25
hi every one just thort i would pop in to see how every one is doing

Exo.UK: 12-Nov-2012 20:38:06

Exo.UK: 12-Nov-2012 20:37:42
hey guys long time no speak, if any of you are inteerested in planetside 2 i have some beta keys spare

Chatts: 06-Sep-2012 03:48:22
Hello Rigger.. dont work too hard Wink

Rigger: 04-Sep-2012 23:26:14
Greetings from Lagos- Nigeria. Half way through my stint. see you all at end of Sep.

kraneka: 04-Aug-2012 22:29:17
More than welcome Madis

ECMadis: 03-Aug-2012 03:08:31
Hey guys. You still remember me? I have been without a PC for a whole year. Busy times also work/school. But finally bought a new one. Tomorrow will arrive BF3 and I hope I can do some gaming with you guys.

Genocide: 31-Jul-2012 21:51:56
major hdd failure :C

computertechy: 10-May-2012 19:49:24
so you didnt pre-order one?

Ankara: 05-May-2012 01:13:23
690 gtx on pre-order; if you have a spare £850-900!!!!!

computertechy: 28-Mar-2012 14:16:35
PC PATCH TOMORROW, from 9 - 11:30 CET. details will be in blog later. hope i get enough time to jump on, Miss You All

Rigger: 12-Mar-2012 12:51:42
See ya's in a week or three. Leaving shortly to go off-shore. Happy Fragging all.

Rigger: 01-Mar-2012 23:55:00
Won't be in tonight, on pop with a buddy. Only been trying for 2 years, but we both work offshore, so passing ships in the night.

ludachica: 16-Feb-2012 15:06:16
new patche 149 mb

Ankara: 13-Jan-2012 22:23:52
have spent the afternoon playing with a £40k 3D projector; need to bring my pc into work! =)

Count_Farat: 01-Jan-2012 05:05:43
Happy 2012!

Darthbod: 31-Dec-2011 23:23:15
Happy New Year Folks, all the very best for 2012 Laughing

Rotten: 25-Dec-2011 08:07:58

Renargen: 25-Dec-2011 07:12:19
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have awesome days! Smile

ludachica: 24-Dec-2011 04:50:32
sry for posting it twice i got and error 2ice

ludachica: 23-Dec-2011 21:38:15
i am getting back to karkand at 10 am tommorow

ludachica: 23-Dec-2011 21:37:32
i am getting the bac to karkand at 10 am tommorw thanks god Shocked

Renargen: 20-Dec-2011 23:30:12
Take a look in the Tactic Section at 'Event Request' and let post if you're up for it please! Smile

Ankara: 07-Dec-2011 00:31:42
might struggle to make training/be a little late tonight

Genocide: 06-Dec-2011 20:10:57
our servers now start when 3 join! Razz

ludachica: 06-Dec-2011 19:58:08
3.9 gb new patche

rustman: 05-Dec-2011 03:45:49
Thanks to you the cups of tea was great

Ankara: 05-Dec-2011 00:53:41
BIG thanks to Russ for fitting my kitchen worktops today; awesome job!

Chatts: 01-Dec-2011 00:33:22
maybe we could rematch on HC if our boys are up to it Wink

Leviaxxan: 29-Nov-2011 19:50:33
You could just run into them for me. That would make things easier

Chatts: 29-Nov-2011 00:37:25
Don’t forget its none hardcore you’ll need bigger bullets Wink

Leviaxxan: 28-Nov-2011 15:35:22
Looking forward to the friendly on Sunday guys!

rustman: 22-Nov-2011 20:21:01
The update is out another485 meg to download

brat-3425: 15-Nov-2011 00:54:40
Santa doesn't like me lol

Chatts: 13-Nov-2011 17:43:05
maybe you need to see Santa Wink

brat-3425: 13-Nov-2011 04:26:06
can some one steal me a pc that plays BF3 i want to come and play

Darthbod: 30-Oct-2011 21:23:45
BF3 still not delivered. Complained to who just b;amed local PO Grr Evil or Very Mad Sad

Darthbod: 29-Oct-2011 13:11:28
still no bf3, it got delivered to my relative cos im never in. should be on this weekend

Ankara: 28-Oct-2011 23:03:38
Got the inlaws over for dinner, so wont be on til later Crying or Very sad Only played for 5 mins so far. Seems playable on ultra settings but fps arn't the best

Rotten: 28-Oct-2011 16:49:03
Hey guys!after grinding myself, I decided to get bf3 today,installing it now, looking forward trying it with youse tonight!

Chatts: 28-Oct-2011 02:45:59
Lock and Load ... welcome to the clan SourPickle

SourPickle: 28-Oct-2011 00:58:21
Hey all~! I joined and I'm looking forward knifing people with you guys. Smile

CheeseWarrior: 28-Oct-2011 00:47:58
am gettign it tomorrow, Day of release (thanks amazon)

Chatts: 28-Oct-2011 00:26:43
from play delivered today Smile

Count_Farat: 27-Oct-2011 21:20:30
its been installed since last saturday

Ankara: 27-Oct-2011 21:13:01
anyone got the game in the post yet?

Darthbod: 27-Oct-2011 18:58:32
Not long now boys Very Happy

Leviaxxan: 21-Oct-2011 14:05:39
Looks like I'll be getting BF3 after all. Now that MW3 doesn't have ranked dedicated servers.

Leviaxxan: 19-Oct-2011 23:31:17
Maybe, not decided yet. The beta kind of put me off it, as did the stupid origin and browser plugin

Chatts: 19-Oct-2011 23:28:08
ello chris .. i'm good hope you are too! will you be getting BF3?

Leviaxxan: 19-Oct-2011 02:44:04
How do ladies Smile Hope you're all keeping well.

Rigger: 14-Oct-2011 01:42:33
See you all in BF3 when i get back from my travels again!!!

CaZaDoR: 30-Sep-2011 04:14:56
LOL like I could ever forget it John! I'll pop by around 6pm 2moz, hopefully get a chance to waffle Smile

Chatts: 29-Sep-2011 23:29:54
hello Eddie ... its a wonder you still know your login lol

CaZaDoR: 29-Sep-2011 19:22:22
well looked who crawled out the woodwork!!! Hi TBK peeps....hope your all keeping well Smile

Genocide: 29-Sep-2011 16:08:45
videokilledtheradi ostar

Genocide: 29-Sep-2011 13:04:46
p.s. Hope to be joining you later along with several billion others lol omg hope they have enough servers

Genocide: 29-Sep-2011 13:01:08
It has changed now but will post if another pw gets leaked Razz

Darthbod: 29-Sep-2011 12:54:24
Cant find password on ea uk?? any chance of a link please?

Genocide: 28-Sep-2011 19:30:05
Anyone wanting to play caspian border you can find password on ea uk battlefield forum

ludachica: 28-Sep-2011 17:52:55
Am gonna play it ALL day ALL night Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

Genocide: 28-Sep-2011 17:51:16
i will be joining you tomorrow. just hope there are enough servers online :S

Darthbod: 27-Sep-2011 20:26:28
Very Happy got my key at 2.45pm, downloading now, takin dogs owt then wahay Laughing Laughing

Genocide: 27-Sep-2011 01:24:43
the key have not yet been sent out. so be patient mate Wink at least you have early access Sad

Darthbod: 27-Sep-2011 00:57:22
Gen are the start times download or play times

Darthbod: 27-Sep-2011 00:49:45
I give up, got MOH registered cos can play online, still no Beta Key. Just gonna wait and buy the bloody thing on release Evil or Very Mad

Genocide: 26-Sep-2011 21:53:14
BF3 Beta start times 13:00 GMT 27th/29th

Genocide: 24-Sep-2011 16:22:35
Oh crap! Just realised, 48hr early access is only for digital download and pre order of moh. :'(

Genocide: 22-Sep-2011 22:36:24
i should get early access through pre-ordering bf3, i have not got a code yet tho

Renargen: 22-Sep-2011 21:09:33
If you bought it on disk, it should be in the case! But if it was digital download, I'm going to use my Medal of Honor activation serial.

Darthbod: 22-Sep-2011 18:15:40
anyone had their medal of honour beta code emailed to them yet???? Confused

Genocide: 20-Sep-2011 18:37:29
or on 27th if you have 48hr early access Smile

Genocide: 20-Sep-2011 18:16:04
Bf3 beta starts on 29th september

Chatts: 19-Sep-2011 00:59:48
EA's backend seems to be having issues again, some servers will have no stats or unlocks and may also kick players at random. I would expect this resolved by tuesdays usual downtime but they may bring it forward a day and sort it in the morning.

Chatts: 16-Sep-2011 23:16:39
nice one Luda

ludachica: 16-Sep-2011 23:14:53
my graphics card up and ready hihihiih Very Happy Mr. Green

standox: 11-Sep-2011 20:36:09
i dodged that bullet lol had a memorial service to attend would have rathered the inlaws

Chatts: 11-Sep-2011 19:58:02
Good afternoon General, hope you have a good day visiting the parents Wink

standox: 10-Sep-2011 17:57:00
good morning general

Ankara: 05-Sep-2011 22:39:27
My bad

Ankara: 05-Sep-2011 22:38:06
WTF's going on with TS?!?

Genocide: 02-Sep-2011 22:45:53
check out the physical warfare pack gameplay trailer Smile

CheeseWarrior: 25-Aug-2011 19:29:17
Leaving now for turkey - back in 2 weeks. Have fun! Very Happy

rustman: 25-Aug-2011 03:02:13
Nice card good one

ludachica: 24-Aug-2011 15:02:43
My uncle just order me a ATI radeon HD 6850 1 gb YAY

rustman: 20-Aug-2011 23:14:59
whats up with it Gen

Genocide: 20-Aug-2011 01:50:50
my pc is on the blink :S

Darthbod: 13-Aug-2011 19:40:16
I would say deends on your OS - win 7 didnt need any, i just updated my graphics driver. But there are more knowledgable peeps on here- check the forum!

ludachica: 13-Aug-2011 13:28:40
What drivers do i need after a format???

CheeseWarrior: 09-Aug-2011 01:00:42
Internet is, for now, fixed - the cheese will return yet.

CheeseWarrior: 13-Jun-2011 00:19:08
actually, looks like you have more than enough people..

CheeseWarrior: 13-Jun-2011 00:17:42
sorry guys, I completely forgot about the match- I'll join now, but I know i'm late

CheeseWarrior: 10-Jun-2011 00:46:31
hope it arrives by sunday

CheeseWarrior: 10-Jun-2011 00:46:14
Had to get a new mouse- left click on this one is dying

Genocide: 07-Jun-2011 04:02:44
Battlefield 3 is set for release on October 25, 2011, and the open beta kicks off in September.

ECMadis: 06-Jun-2011 21:12:07
E3 http://www.gametra ge/e3/e3-live.html Tomorrow they show BF3 too.

rustman: 22-May-2011 08:15:15
Hi Gen hope all is well with the family

Genocide: 22-May-2011 05:38:48
sp is great so far Very Happy not getting much time for pc gaming atm.

rustman: 22-May-2011 01:16:01
whats so hard max armer and hit them but its good looks good or what

Ankara: 21-May-2011 03:21:43
Getting hammered on Crysis 2!!!! Evil or Very Mad

Darthbod: 15-May-2011 21:25:07
have one for each card m8 lol Laughing

Ankara: 15-May-2011 21:02:19
Sorted; cards didn't like 6970 bios, so flashed to unlock shaders and oc'd in afterburner. I deserve a beer! Smile

Ankara: 15-May-2011 19:00:54
pc locking on 6970 flash; trying again this aft!

ludachica: 14-May-2011 17:53:24
yey my black ops is working again Mr. Green

rustman: 14-May-2011 13:00:05
you cant of fried them both

rustman: 14-May-2011 06:48:33
why whats up

Ankara: 14-May-2011 04:17:06
have 2 large paper weights!

ECMadis: 13-May-2011 22:13:17
No issues yet.

Darthbod: 13-May-2011 20:22:58
any issues with win 7 service pack 1? I havent put it on yet

rustman: 12-May-2011 20:33:39

Rigger: 12-May-2011 15:08:10
Hi guys, back in from the cold, so i'll see ya all tongiht

Ankara: 10-May-2011 21:35:30
cheers mate

rustman: 10-May-2011 00:33:25
http://www.eclipse uct.aspx?code=GCS- XR695H2

rustman: 10-May-2011 00:26:37
Sapphire HD 6950 2gb

Ankara: 08-May-2011 22:56:14
Which 6950 you got Rus?

rustman: 03-May-2011 20:13:22
in my day getting your bits out was flashing

ECMadis: 02-May-2011 15:21:09
is called flashing.. I hate that shoutbox, because if you hit enter it sends the shout.

ECMadis: 02-May-2011 15:20:43

rustman: 01-May-2011 00:05:34
Yes bios now have a 6970 Very Happy

rustman: 26-Apr-2011 23:44:24
80 fps in Crysis 2 this 6950 rocks its (edited) hot so whats it going to do as a 6970

rustman: 26-Apr-2011 12:14:06
yes you will Gen

Darthbod: 25-Apr-2011 02:04:19
Damn just paid 27 Quid for C2 Evil or Very Mad

Genocide: 25-Apr-2011 00:06:17
Damn! i couldn't resist. bought crysis2. see you next week russ ;P

Genocide: 24-Apr-2011 14:10:30
any game from direct2drive 25% off when use RABBIT or BUNNY

Genocide: 24-Apr-2011 14:08:53
that is tempting me russty Confused

rustman: 23-Apr-2011 03:56:28
Crysis 2 £17.50 ON EA downloader

rustman: 23-Apr-2011 03:25:17
3870x2 for sale

Genocide: 22-Apr-2011 15:51:38
i have 2x1GB pc8500 DDR2 to sell

Darthbod: 21-Apr-2011 21:51:20
anyone got 4GB pc8500 ddr2 they want to sell? PM me if you do Wink

Darthbod: 20-Apr-2011 01:04:45
On the upside I wil have a shiny new router off SKY for nowt Laughing

Darthbod: 20-Apr-2011 01:03:44
OMFG! Wife has fixed the router somehow? If she learns to do stuff like that she'll get rid of me LOL Embarassed

Chatts: 18-Apr-2011 22:31:39
ouch! lets hope its fast delivery Neutral

Darthbod: 18-Apr-2011 13:00:23
Wont be on til weekend, my SKY router has packed up; I'm waiting for a new one to be delivered Sad Sad Sad Sad

CheeseWarrior: 10-Apr-2011 01:04:04

kraneka: 09-Apr-2011 19:05:37
Who's CheeseWarrior? Wink

standox: 02-Apr-2011 19:11:33
lmao jk

standox: 02-Apr-2011 19:11:21
(edited) to late

CheeseWarrior: 02-Apr-2011 01:46:57
Please don't remove me from friends lists, remember I WILL be back. Just give me time.

CheeseWarrior: 02-Apr-2011 01:45:18
Pre-order of Portal 2 complete, Battlfefield 3 is next on the list.

Rigger: 21-Mar-2011 20:54:26
Might be on tonight, then going away for a few days. Back sunday.

wotan: 17-Mar-2011 11:57:00
new BF3 Triler ourt

CheeseWarrior: 02-Mar-2011 01:03:11
Wel, my internet's recent crappiness has washed away. Will be back, this time not running on the spot Twisted Evil

ECMadis: 01-Mar-2011 19:34:35
Crysis 2 MP Demo is out. Played it, Liked it Smile

ECMadis: 14-Feb-2011 04:16:08
Just played Crysis 2 leaked beta Smile Definetly going to buy the full game.

CheeseWarrior: 13-Feb-2011 17:53:43
If you're wondering what the question marks are, I tried typing in Russian

Chatts: 13-Feb-2011 01:36:55
OMG! i had 9 tins and a bottle of JD's ... think its time to stick to Tea

standox: 12-Feb-2011 22:08:27
lol you cant type P i s s e d in forms

standox: 12-Feb-2011 22:07:41
lmao who wears the trousers in your house" question asked by a (edited)ed seinor tbk member

CheeseWarrior: 10-Feb-2011 01:19:38
?????? ??????? ???????? ????????? ???? ??? ????.

CheeseWarrior: 10-Feb-2011 01:17:22
I've got a new chair.... watch out, because I'm sitting comfortably!

CheeseWarrior: 06-Feb-2011 17:31:37
VVV not an understatement

standox: 05-Feb-2011 07:14:41

ECMadis: 04-Feb-2011 01:59:02
Some things are different. I got 5 mp camera and etc

ECMadis: 04-Feb-2011 01:57:43
http://www.gsmaren 91.php

ECMadis: 04-Feb-2011 01:57:29
Bought new phone

standox: 01-Feb-2011 05:33:02
so sad no time for games tonight

Genocide: 31-Jan-2011 01:36:11
we have a friendly on tues 8pm. will upload info and email later. Wink

Genocide: 24-Jan-2011 19:58:47
Maintenance work tuesday 25th 10:00 GMT - 13:00 GMT

CheeseWarrior: 23-Jan-2011 21:08:21
Ah, I'm depressed. Beat HL2 and episodes in 7 and a half days. Sad

Genocide: 22-Jan-2011 14:27:02
Servers will go down for an extended time Tuesday morning for database tweaking.

chaosmode: 21-Jan-2011 05:50:53 .com/watch?v=CWZOH 5c_ZzM

Phoenix2290: 19-Jan-2011 22:04:13
I just got the Vietnam expansion. Very Happy :D

rustman: 18-Jan-2011 18:44:43
Camels are worth 20 goats and 2 camels are worth one blonde woman

CheeseWarrior: 15-Jan-2011 17:10:31
Camels are worth $1000!? Maybe I should have agreed...

Sgt.Gal: 13-Jan-2011 07:35:03
7.31 still awake !!!!!

Sgt.Gal: 13-Jan-2011 07:33:45

Chatts: 12-Jan-2011 05:44:42
get some sleep Gal we dont want you ill Shocked

Sgt.Gal: 11-Jan-2011 12:34:00
Well it's 7.30 here and i'm still awake...haven' ;t slept in 20 hours

CheeseWarrior: 09-Jan-2011 18:36:13
How much is a camel worth?

CheeseWarrior: 06-Jan-2011 02:31:01
I'm better now. Mostly.

ECMadis: 01-Jan-2011 23:59:20
Happy new year!

Darthbod: 01-Jan-2011 20:20:55
Happy New Year Folks, All The Very Best for 2011 Laughing

CheeseWarrior: 01-Jan-2011 18:29:20
Sorry people.. I've got quite ill. More ill than when darth had his man flu. Will probably be away for a short while.

Genocide: 30-Dec-2010 19:16:44
Hastings unlocked !!!

Darthbod: 29-Dec-2010 23:02:17
still here, had really busy xmas, be online soon Wink

ECMadis: 25-Dec-2010 19:03:32
Merry Christmas for everyone ! Smile

Genocide: 25-Dec-2010 17:12:53
Merry Christmas Mr. Green

rustman: 25-Dec-2010 06:38:10
Merry Christmas everyone

ECMadis: 20-Dec-2010 19:43:40
Running my Q6600 now on 3,4 Ghz. Temps are fine Smile

Genocide: 18-Dec-2010 04:46:30
howdo Dratuk Very Happy

Dratuk: 17-Dec-2010 20:46:33
Howdo Genocide:)

standox: 11-Dec-2010 04:13:44
hey dudes got some busy times coming im probably gonna be a little more scarse than useuall

ECMadis: 10-Dec-2010 15:23:17
We got average of 50cm snow in Estonia Smile

Rigger: 03-Dec-2010 18:16:30
Hi Guys, back again after a long long trip in Nigeria. Glad to back - even if the temprature difference is only 45 degrees - lol. See you all in game tonight hopefully

CheeseWarrior: 03-Dec-2010 03:18:36
due to slow internet and a facebooking sister, I will download patch on sat morning until done, then instantly ask for Heavy metal.

Ankara: 03-Dec-2010 02:45:11
thought I'd turn in for training and find I'm hit with a 2.6Gb patch! I'll be seeing you all later then! ;o)

CheeseWarrior: 03-Dec-2010 01:13:38
the update ended when my pc fell asleep and cut internet. I have since changed settings and am trying again today.

CheeseWarrior: 02-Dec-2010 04:11:25
argh even with 4x faster internet, it's so annoying updating bc2. I've been going for 4 hours, 10 minutes. It's close to finishing, it says it's onto german fonts at the minute.

computertechy: 26-Nov-2010 19:46:17
Leet Mayonnaise is Leet

CheeseWarrior: 26-Nov-2010 01:14:24
ketchup is better. Heinz. And I'm british.

Chatts: 25-Nov-2010 02:27:46
American Mustard is Cool ... English Mustard is HOT Mr. Green

kraneka: 24-Nov-2010 00:52:46
Mustard is cool

standox: 21-Nov-2010 20:01:55
i like mustard

Genocide: 15-Nov-2010 03:47:56
lets see how many come training. Wink

CheeseWarrior: 14-Nov-2010 20:37:12
are we organising some clan wars?

CheeseWarrior: 13-Nov-2010 18:13:22
Ok I've decided to reinstall my old MoH:PA simply because since I last had it I've got a new graphics card, so I can play in better graphics, and the game is great.

CheeseWarrior: 13-Nov-2010 16:44:07
no I didn't. I won't either. Neutral

computertechy: 13-Nov-2010 14:12:21
did you post that on facebook to? hehe Smile

CheeseWarrior: 12-Nov-2010 02:18:56
has got a HEADSET. Prepare to end up talking to me.

Darthbod: 09-Nov-2010 16:55:54
finally watched the vietnam trailer, looks impressive and I am not a big retro war fan. Hope the choppers can take a few hits!! Wink

Chatts: 29-Oct-2010 23:46:42
you all need to update your BC2, click on your updater icon in your battlefield folder Wink

CheeseWarrior: 27-Oct-2010 01:17:47
Hello! I love shout boxes.... just to say if I get a headset it might take a bit... everything I need for Bad Company 2 seems to (gfx card etc) so it might be next weekend or the one after.

Genocide: 23-Oct-2010 01:32:27
ty for the show of hands at such short notice, but unfortunately we were pipped at the post by 50k. Sad

Genocide: 15-Oct-2010 21:35:34
TBK members please check vwars !!! and sign up if you can or cannot make it

Ankara: 11-Oct-2010 20:42:38
Can someone reset server 1; we can't spawn!

Genocide: 11-Oct-2010 16:39:03
vwars updated! sign up

Darthbod: 10-Oct-2010 23:30:12
5 minutes

Genocide: 06-Oct-2010 17:58:44
members please check vwars and sign up if you can or cannot make it Wink

computertechy: 21-Sep-2010 01:30:32
training posted, sign up please lads

Genocide: 16-Sep-2010 19:57:49
anyone training tonight? if you are please sign in on next action. thanks

Darthbod: 13-Sep-2010 23:29:59
still here, just had no gamin time Crying or Very sad

standox: 10-Sep-2010 03:48:53

Chatts: 08-Sep-2010 22:45:26
YUP its been bad all week Sad

Exo.UK: 07-Sep-2010 22:43:08
mine is working fine Razz , your provider playing up chatts?

Genocide: 07-Sep-2010 16:14:08
me too it's getting annoying. hope to be on tonight :/

Chatts: 07-Sep-2010 03:37:32
i'm still having internet problems Sad lets hope they have sorted it for tomorrow

standox: 06-Sep-2010 23:33:27
yo chatty we going in or what??

Darthbod: 01-Sep-2010 20:53:49
Been away and busy should be back on soon

standox: 29-Aug-2010 18:33:53

standox: 26-Aug-2010 02:34:57
busy today be on tommorow gents..

rustman: 08-Aug-2010 00:58:57
How we all doing shoot some for me

sgt-slider: 05-Aug-2010 04:25:19
cu26: Name changed to sgt-slider Smile

Chatts: 31-Jul-2010 13:38:41
PC is now done and the Home server is rebuilt Smile

Chatts: 28-Jul-2010 22:15:40
i'm doing a PC upgrade tonight so i dont think i'll be on till late Wink

Chatts: 26-Jul-2010 03:37:44
good game all .. well done Wink

Sunburn: 25-Jul-2010 21:37:42
we sorted for the team tonight? ill be around 7ish for warm up Smile

Chatts: 23-Jul-2010 22:56:09
told you they'd sort it Wink nice one m8

Darthbod: 22-Jul-2010 22:59:31
finally got garand unlocked and vet staus sorted by EA online live help Very Happy

Chatts: 14-Jul-2010 22:09:23
good to see you remember us Doink lol

thedoink: 13-Jul-2010 18:39:28
hello all how is every one doing ?

Chatts: 13-Jul-2010 03:11:01
welcome CoDMast3r ... check your PM's Smile

Rigger: 07-Jul-2010 20:30:03
Going away again 2mrw, for 2-7 days, see you all when i get back.

Genocide: 06-Jul-2010 03:46:30
Training back on.

Sunburn: 01-Jul-2010 03:40:58
Cheers Darthbod, and thanks for having me, had a good laugh last night. roll on thursday

Darthbod: 30-Jun-2010 11:13:56
Welcome to the clan Sunburn, good playin with you last night m8

Darthbod: 30-Jun-2010 11:12:52
Dowloading patch, looks like it'll take 10minutes on my 20mb broadband

Sunburn: 30-Jun-2010 00:07:54
hey guys any chance of the TS server password by PM please?

Chatts: 19-Jun-2010 16:07:35
replaced faulty hard drive Mad I'M BACK Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

P19BLO: 16-Jun-2010 19:43:14
being off work sucks when you have no-one to frag

Chatts: 12-Jun-2010 22:23:14

Darthbod: 12-Jun-2010 02:39:39
Cheers, ive got fraps. not been onlline cos too busy with work & uni, roll on july when it ends, lol

Genocide: 11-Jun-2010 02:39:08
http://www.fraps.c om/download.php

kraneka: 10-Jun-2010 11:09:43
I've got fraps if you need it darth

Chatts: 09-Jun-2010 02:40:01
use a free program called fraps Smile well thats if its still free?

Darthbod: 07-Jun-2010 03:21:06
that would explain a lot then lol. how do I show fps?

Chatts: 07-Jun-2010 02:49:55
i dint think ther was one

Darthbod: 06-Jun-2010 21:41:13
anyone know why I cant get a console command line on bfbc2? win 7 64bit!

Darthbod: 16-May-2010 20:26:59
nice job on the stats page guys. well done

Genocide: 15-May-2010 01:21:41
members now have access to BFBC2 Stats.

Genocide: 14-May-2010 05:48:35
BFBC2 Stats coming to TBK soon !

Genocide: 11-May-2010 22:32:30
internet back up Very Happy

Genocide: 11-May-2010 16:47:55
also BFBC2 updates are rolling out today so expect some downtime

Genocide: 11-May-2010 16:46:26
having problems with pc connecting to net :C hope to sort it out in time for training tonight :/

CPG-Nuke Team: 07-May-2010 23:05:54
Shout it out! Very Happy

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